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Just think about all sports, hobbies and anything you do. The more you do it the better you get which is true, but lets take a look at sports people. Not only do they practice on a very regular basis they also have trainers making sure their technique is correct. Even the top golf professional continue lessons or working with someone to check their technique. All too often I come across sales teams that are just plodding along or even producing reasonable results but just not moving forward. We really can't just let individuals and teams plod along. If you want your team to move forward and keep ahead of the competition then training is both time and money well spent. Don't think that the bi-annual conference and maybe a bit of training is enough. If your team were athletes then you would be training them hard so why not do it with your sales team. 

The hard bit now is to find training courses for the sales team that are not just the bog standard same every time training. Here is one company that deliver training courses or I should say workshops that are different. Sales Training Courses MK do just that, they talk to you and deliver the right content to suit your business and team.